The Beginning of Man

The Invisible & Unknown
Beginning of Man

To understand the environments and experiences of our ancestors when we are inundated by the vast and growing knowledge and speeds of today, it is necessary that we set the stage, as well as we can, given the absence  of languages, records and artifacts as we reach back 4.5 million years.
Beyond 4.5 million years ago, our planet Earth was quietly spinning in its own secure orbit absorbing the energies radiated to it by its universe.  In turn, the various product, minerals, elements and gases of its major and minor activities were retained, absorbed, converted as well as expelled to the environment.

Since man developed an ability to think, Scientists have been obsessed with the conundrum of when and how did man’s dormant and then isolated state of affairs begin and what was the path to achieve its present state of development.  The answer to this question is of awesome complexity and awaits unearthing additional evidence by exploration and discovery in order to provide more rigorous answers.  This article does not purport to delve into further exploration, but rather, in a simplified way, make what is known about the emergence, rise and decline of the greatest empire of all, The Roman Empire (750 BC to 1460 AD –  2210 YEARS) and the emigration of many of its people to America.